Marisa’s 2020 Senior Year

Marisa & Kaela for 2019 Homecoming.
June 2005 seminar with legal secretaries in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as the students received their certificates of completion.

Granddaughter Marisa at 9 months. This little St. Louis native was born in October 2001, and she now has a little sister!
Son Devon, his wife Lori, and those two special granddaughters, Marisa and Kaela.

The greatest pianist in the world! Russia pianist Ariel, who for several years has played at the Petrossian Lounge at Las Vegas's Bellagio, right across the famous chandelier from the registration desk, was in negotiations for a room for his unique five-piano act. He was suddenly and fatally stricken with a burst aorta and passed into Heaven on August 21, 2007, leaving his wife Ludmilla and his talented manager Toni Stewart. He will be badly missed by so, so many of us. You may buy his CDs at Farewell, Dear, Sweet, Talented Friend.

I forgot the groom :-}, or did I push him over?
If you come to Houston, make sure you visit NASA.
That's me teaching in Russia, but not in Russian.
The attendees at my seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia
Kay Hill and me while in Texarkana working on
the Texas Tobacco Case, December 1998
I can find the files, but I've misplaced a few pounds.