Quote from former Texas Governor Pat Neff on WATER:


“Water is the most abundant of all created commodities. It is older than the human race. It is known to the language of every land and has followed the adventurous footsteps of man around and above the world.


“It is indestructible. Not since the spirit moved on the face of the waters and they were gathered into the seas has there been one drop lost. It has been the one commodity of the world that has most made the human race akin.


“It alone bridges the seeming chasms between the classes and the masses. The rich and the poor, the loved and the forsaken, the learned and the ignorant, the aristocratic and the democratic meet on a common level at the water fountain, brewed in the distilleries of the skies, poured by nature’s hand from the cistern of the clouds, purified by the percolations of the ages through the hidden sands of the earth and brought forth by the hand of man.


“It is, indeed, the beverage of life.”